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报告内容This talk will report our recent achievements on proposal, design and exploration of a new class of wideband circuits and antennas under multimode resonance of a single resonator, and it mainly includes three topics: (1) The first multiple resonant modes in a single MMR are simultaneously excited to work together with frequency-distributed coupling structures at two feeders, so as to achieve wide- and ultra-wide passband; (2) The phase property of MMR is further studied and employed to develop flexibly-adjusted differential phase shifters with wide- and ultra-wide operating bandwidth; and (3) Two radiative resonant modes with the same main radiation direction in a patch radiator are simultaneously excited to enhance its operating band under dual resonant radiation. The above achievements have been extensively published in top-tier journals, i.e., IEEE MWCL/TMTT/TAP/AWPL. In the future, this MMR-inspired methodology will be further explored for development of other wide-band or multi-band microwave and millimeter-wave circuits and antennas



祝雷,教授,19857月毕业于南京工学院获工学学士学位, 19883月毕业于东南大学获硕士学位, 19933月毕业于日本国立电气通信大学获工学博士学位。19934月至19963月就职于日本国松下寿电子工业株式会社,任研究工程师。19964月至20006月就职于加拿大蒙特尔大学工学院,任博士后研究员。20007月至20138月就职于新加坡南洋理工大学,任副教授。20138月起就职于澳门大学,现在担任其电气和电脑工程系特聘教授,20148月至20178月担任其系主任。自1985年来,一直从事电磁场计算方法、微波无源电路、平面天线等方面的研究工作。迄今为止,在国内外权威期刊和会议上发表490余篇论文,其中210余篇发表在IEEE Transactions/Letters/Magazine。发表的论文在SCI上被引用6100余次, H-index指数为 412006年至2012年受邀担任IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters (MWCL) 副主编。2010年至2013年受邀担任IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques (TMTT) 副主编。201111月,当选为国际电气电子工程师协会会士IEEE Fellow2013年起,先后受邀担任IEEE MTT-S Fellow Evaluation Committee (2013-2015)  IEEE AP-S Fellows Committee (2015-2017)(国际电气电子工程师协会会士评审委员会)委员。

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